Salmon Fish Oil Omega 3 for Dogs – with Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil – Skin & Coat + Al... Price: $28.97 (as of 11/29/2022 03:55 PST- Details)

A healthy treat dogs love – Zesty Paws Salmon Bites supplements are made with wild caught Alaskan Salmon Oil and Salmon Meal to provide Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) that help dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes feel their best.
Featuring DHAgold – This powerful canine formula contains DHAgold, an algae sourced DHA fatty acid that helps to nourish skin and coats, while also promoting brain and heart health to ensure that your dog gets the care he needs.
Vitamins that deliver real results – These treats also contain Vitamin C for antioxidant support, while Biotin and Vitamin E work to help with dry, itching, and irritated skin, while also giving coats a soft and healthy feel.


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<a href="javascript:void(0)" data-csa-c-func-deps="aui-da-a-expander-toggle" data-csa-c-type="widget" data-csa-interaction-events="click" aria-expanded="false" role="button" data-action="a-expander-toggle" class="a-declarative" data-a-expander-toggle="deal with your pup’s skin health, Zesty Paws Salmon Bites permit you to show Fido you care. With omegas, vitamins, and antioxidants, these soft chews are functional supplements that Enhance skin health and provide free radical protection to keep your dog feeling happy. They are great for small, medium, and large dogs of all ages and breeds!

Each chewable features DHAgold, an algae-derived source of DHA, an Omega-3 fatty acid that supports skin, joint, and heart health. Plus, this functional supplement also includes Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon Fish Oil, Biotin (or Vitamin B7), and an Antioxidant Blend that includes Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Together, these ingredients help care for normal moisture content of the skin, reduce oxidative stress, and Enhance immune function.

Best of all, pets love the delicious taste (consider us, we have a hot spot were official four-legged testers tell us) that’ll give your canine companion an itch for more. Also, pet moms and dads can let out a sigh of relief knowing that their pups will get the Enhance they need with these simple, mess free Salmon Bites that won’t coat your floors with oil!

About Zesty Paws

Pets bring us so much joy, so it’s our mission to make their lives as happy as they make ours! That’s why Zesty Paws products are made with premium ingredients and amazing flavors to keep your bestie feeling zesty.

Product Overview

  • Features Premium DHA
  • Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon
  • Contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Supports Skin Health
  • Immune System Enhance