UOLIWO Dog Squeaky Toys No Stuffing, Durable Stuffingless Dog Chew Toy Set Squeaky Plush Dog Toys ... Price: $16.98 (as of 10/05/2022 20:55 PST- Details)

DOG CHEW TOYS SET OF 3: Stuffless dog toys with adorable animals design. Including squirrel dog toy (17 inches), raccoon dog toy (17 inches) and skunk dog toy (18 inches).
STUFFING FREE DOG TOYS: No stuffing for your dog to rip out and it allows the toy to move them freely with no mess. Definitely provide your dogs hours of fun and you don’t need to worry your dogs making mess all over the house.
DOG SQUEAK TOYS: 2 squeakers inside each unstuffed dog toy. Just squeezing them to arouse dogs’ curiosity and keep entertained for a long time. One in the head and one in the tail, perfect for squeak-lovers.

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