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40 Professional Dog Grooming Scissors You Can Use At Home.

If you’re shopping around for some good professional dog grooming scissors you can use at home, chances are high that you have a pet. Our exhaustive list will contains more pet dog grooming scissor models than you need. Non the less, we felt its worth adding them because the market is huge with multiple styles to pick from.

Our list is sure to leave your dog looking snazzy and cute!

If your dog or cat needs to get groomed on the regular, it’s important to invest in some professional grooming scissors sets.

This post will enlighten you on the best professional dog grooming scissors sets. Our goal is to provide all of the pet owners with a resource that can be used for purchasing high-quality, durable scissors at an affordable price.

Here at, we’ve researched and found the 40 best professional dog grooming scissors sets for sale online right now. We included the links to where you can purchase them!

Enjoy our list below and please share it with anyone else looking for pro-level dog grooming tools today!

GLADOG Professional Grooming Scissors set (4 in 1)

Keep your canine close with these GLADOG Professional Grooming Scissors set. The stainless steel blades offer a smooth, easy cut and the genuine leather sheath is both durable and protective against nicks.

Keep them on-hand for trimming nails, cutting fur without squeezing too hard, and small touch-ups that let your dog feel like they’re fresh out of the salon.

Gladog Professional gromming Scissors (4 in 1)

Kingstar 7.0 inch Titanium Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set

Do you have a pet that’s constantly shedding hair? Well, now you can finally enjoy all the time spent wrestling hair off your clothing by using this professional dog grooming scissors set!

Featuring stainless steel blades, titanium construction, and an ergonomic design, these scissors are the perfect addition to any busy household.

Gimars 4CR Stainless Steel Set

The curved scissors are perfect for cutting the hair where you follow its contours.

And with blending shears, it’s easy to blend in any choppy lines! 

These versatile tools can be used on both short or long locks – they won’t leave sharp edges that will irritate your dog’s skin like other types of clippers would do when trimming around their eyes and nose area (which sometimes leads them scratching at said facial feature).

Plus there are also blending scissors which can be used after making chunky cuts with regular or blend blades (the ones with comb). 

This will help remove those pesky chop marks when trimming around eyes without fear – they point bluntly so it won’t hurt them at all!

Smithking 8.0 inches Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set

If you’re in the market for a set of dog grooming scissors, the Smithking’s 8.0-inch Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set might just be your perfect solution!

This high-quality stainless steel scissor features straight blades that are easy to clean and an ergonomic design that ensures the safety and maximum comfort. Give your pup the cut they need with these trusted pet supplies!

Smithking 7.0 inches Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set (Stainless Steel)

Treat your pup to a professional grooming session, right in the comfort of their own home. With this durable stainless steel set, you’ll have the perfect tools for everything from cutting stray hairs where they don’t belong to picking up tons of stubborn pet hair off furniture.

And with four different pairs of scissors in seven sizes, you’re ready to tackle any task! Don’t be embarrassed by dog hair all over your clothes – fix it with Smithking’s Dog Grooming Scissors Set today!

6. MAOCG Dog Grooming Scissors Set

MAOCG Dog Grooming Scissors are designed with an ergonomically curved handle for hours of comfortable use.

The stainless steel blade is professional grade to make cutting ease, and the finger-guard will help block nicks from slip-ups. They are affordable enough to buy a set for all your yard work needs!

7. Kingstar 7.0 inch Stainless steel Professional Pet Grooming Scissors Set

For the professional groomer, there’s no need to choose. With these stainless steel beauties, you’ll be able to clip fur and trim nails all day long, because it just won’t wear out!

The Kingstar 7.0 inch Stainless Steel Professional Pet Grooming Scissors Set is the perfect gift for anyone who values quality craftsmanship and precision cutting.

8. RUBOLD Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set

Trim your puppy’s hair with precision by using these professional dog grooming scissors. Made of stainless steel, they are the solution to a beautifully groomed pet.

These scissors also come in a sleek silver color and can be used with one hand making it easier for everyone!

9. BOSHEL Dog Grooming Scissors Set

We all know our four-legged friends need lots of love and pampering, which is why these blue grooming scissors are a must-have. These sharp new shears feature sleek stainless steel blades to ensure your furry friend’s hair stays trim and neat.

Small enough for portability but big enough to work on larger breeds, these BOSHEL dog grooming scissors sets will be the perfect gift for animal lovers everywhere!

10. Moontay Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set

These ultra-sharp scissors are perfect for trimming fur from your family dog. With a stylish hint of green, these can also double as nice grooming scissors for humans. With the Professional Dog Grooming Scissors set, you can cut through mats and burs in seconds.

Let your pup look their best with this time-saving grooming tool! Bring them with you to the salon and show everyone what a true doggie manicurist should be.

11. CIICII 7 Inch Professional Pet Grooming Scissors Set

These 7-inch blades are perfect for compact reach and well-placed snips, while the titanium blades make for an ultra-sharp edge that can maintain its form even though many sharpenings

Each CIICII grooming scissor is made of titanium, which withstands high temperatures (so it can be used to groom dogs in any climate) and still retains its sharp edge longer than other materials.

Each blade also features a hard plastic casing for additional protection. Comes in your choice of three different blade lengths: 3-1/2 inch, 4 inches, or 5 inches. Carry bag included.

12. EVEN Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set

These pet salon shears are perfect for professional groomers, but can also be used at home to trim fido’s fur every other week! This scissors set comes with all the necessary grooming tools-curved blade, a straight blade, and a comb.

All of these implements are black instead of the more expensive white color so they won’t get spoiled easily. 

The blades are made out of top-quality steel that will cut through everything from coarse coats to delicate undercoats – this is one product that helps you save money on groomer visits!

13. GLADOG Professional Grooming Scissors Set ( 5 in 1)

Get a pro-level trim with our GLADOG Professional Grooming Scissors Set. This grooming tool is designed with a straight blade edge, and it’s made from stainless steel for increased quality and durability.

The leather handle feels great in your hands – perfect for a long dog groom or show day. Grab one of these GLADOG scissors to make your sport even more memorable!

14. TINMARDA Stainless Steel Professional Dog Grooming Shears Set

Are you looking for a new set of pet grooming scissors?

These professional dog grooming shears are made from high-quality stainless steel, which is durable and rust-resistant. They’re specially designed to make your life easier as a pet owner. You can use them on any breed or type of hair, so they’ll be perfect for all the pets in your home. 

They have rounded end tips so you don’t accidentally pierce pets when grooming sensitive areas like the face or ears.

The rubber rings also make holding onto your fingers comfortable as well – removing said handle allows those who want different finger sizes available without having two sets at once (though we know many people already own 2).

And with this complete kit, you won’t have to worry about buying anything else!

15. Moontay Professional 7.0/8.0 inches Dog Grooming Scissors Set

Would you cut the tangle with the same scissors that just mangled your beautiful doggie’s fur? You can avoid this problem with the Moontay Professional 7.0/8.0-inch Dog Grooming Scissors Set!

Made of forged premium Japanese 440c Stainless Steel blades, these professional-grade sheers are long-lasting, sharp enough for any cut or trim, and easy on sensitive skin because they don’t pull or catch like low-quality metal-cutting stylistic tools might.

They come in Gold color–the envy of every suavely groomed pup walking down the city sidewalk!–and measure 10 by 4.5 x 4.75 inches in size. You can hardly find a better pair of Dog Grooming Scissors than these!

16. Iusmnur Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set

These are the perfect dog grooming scissors for all your pet’s hair care needs. With the help of these shiny stainless steel blades, you can craft a salon-quality cut with ease.

Cut them short with straight blade edges or slice them up with the convex edge – whichever way they fall is fine because this tool cuts cleanly through any kind of fur!

They’re very durable and easy to use, especially when it comes to trimming around sensitive areas like ears and eyes. So if you care about what happens in that furry little space between their nose and belly button, then invest in one set of these convenient doggy shears today.

17. Gimars Titanium Coated Stainless Steel Pet

The Gimars Titanium Coated Stainless Steel Pet Bowl doesn’t just keep your pet from getting bored of their food, it also keeps them hydrated the whole day. 

Its stainless steel finish should be a staple in every living room or kitchen that has a critter to look after.

The best in oral care, these stylish accessories come in a range of handcrafted designs and one size fits all means you can get a new style on four paws without any hassle! 

Looking good never felt so good, and we’re here to make it easier than ever before.

18. Gimars Round Tips Dog Grooming Scissors Set

Maintain such a brilliantly amazing-smelling pup! The round tips scissor set includes 2 snips, one with titanium and the other stainless steel.

You can feel confident that your hand will never slip because these blades are just as sturdy as they look. And we want to let you in on a little secret: if you’re new to dog grooming and need an easy intro, use these scissors!

19. Maxshop Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set

You often find shaggy, unruly dogs out in the hot sun. These scissor sets are doctor-approved for quick and sharp styling cuts, so you can give your dog an instant makeover.

With professional-grade stainless steel blades that stay sharper for longer, these scissors will help you trim toenails too! They also come in two styles: straight point or curved point — choose wisely based on what type of hair you’re cutting.

Store them in their hard carrying case when they’re not needed; it’s got a zipper closure and mesh pockets inside to keep your clippers organized! 

Maxshop is committed to producing quality products with the latest technology at fair pricing.

20. Useeland 8PCs Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Scissors Kit

Are you brushing your pup right? If not, this kit is for you! 

The eight-piece kit includes four straight scissors to gently brush away tangles up to 6mm in thickness. It also comes with four convex scissors that can be used to trim up his fur if he’s just had a haircut or shaves.

This set makes it easy for groomers to take care of long-haired breeds because the non-slip grip handles are made from durable ABS handles with rubberized texture and embedded PVC cushions on the palm rest while the blades are made from tempered stainless steel blades.

21. Purple Dragon 8.0 inch Professional Pet Grooming Scissors Set

Grow that fluffy tail big and strong with the Purple Dragon 8.0 inch Professional Pet Grooming Scissors Set! 

Easily trim stray hairs around their paws, head, ears, and other pet hotspots with these high-quality shears.

Comes complete with 4 pairs of different-sized scissors for precision cutting by your trusted pet stylist—a surefire way to make your little precious one look his best before strutting proudly through town!

22. Gimars Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Scissors Set

High-quality stainless steel dog grooming scissors set with a sleek black finish. Perfect for frequent pet groomers and veterinarians, this set is lightweight for easy use in all situations.

Includes four different shaped blades to handle any job easily, from trimming to clipping or shearling fur/coat. Will leave your furry friends looking their best the whole time!

23. Smithking 7.0 inches Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set

The SmithKing 7.0 inches Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set is the ruler of the market now.

These are sharp blades that cut through tough hair easily and neatly without tugging at sensitive skin or damaging the coat. 

It comes with everything you need to cut right down to beading length, waist length, or one standard-length clip at a time.

The clipper has an adjustable taper lever for accurately controlling blade setting depth for beading/wiry coats, giving your pup bodylines that shout “professional!” And this set has never been sharper than it is now!

24. Elfirly Dog Grooming Scissors Se

Guide your puppy to one of those easy-to-grab blades so you can groom the little guy! This set is not just for pet grooming, but is also great for kids’ crafts and even cutting scrapbooking materials.

The three pairs of different-sized scissors in this set will help with everything from getting a hangnail or trimming chicken wire after school crafts.

25. iSeaFly Dog Grooming Scissors Set

It’s easy to keep your dog looking great with these five precision-crafted stainless steel blades, specially designed for trimming nails and trimming fur, shaping beards or whiskers, clipping ears, or running through that mane one last time before the show.

The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold; it’s angled at 10 degrees for maximum control when cutting even delicately. This product will help you groom your pet like a pro!

26.ZEAYEA Pet Grooming Scissors Set

Tired of using your mundane pet grooming scissors in the shower, cleaning off the goopy shampoo or when you need to cut out mats or when trimming around the toes?

With these adorable pet grooming scissors from ZEAYEA, fret no more- they are plain steel so they are super easy to clean. 

A stainless steel material means that your pet is protected from rusting which could be an allergen for some animals.

The blades come with a different set of angle charm caps that always reads straight up and down, making it easy to reach diverse angles at any time! Simply pick between 9 cm long blades or 18 cm long ones depending on what suits you most.

27.GEMEK Pet Cat Dog Grooming Scissors Set

You could be snipping your dog’s tresses with these GEMEK Pet Cat Dog Grooming Scissors Set. 

These grooming scissors will keep your pooch looking stylish and feeling manicured at all times.

The metal made from alloy steel is razor-sharp and we guarantee it won’t rust or react with water so you can clean up after grooming anytime, anyplace. 

The scissor blades make for effortless cuts through hair and fur to please even the toughest critics among our furry friends!

28. Pet Magasin Round Tip Dog Grooming Scissors Set

You and your pup will love these great Pet Magasin Round Tip Dog Grooming Scissors Set. Whether you call them to dog grooming scissors or pet grooming scissors, this set has the quality to deliver.

A guarantee for those who need a top-of-the-line, reliable scissor that’s perfect for use on all types of fur – from the thinning shears to the thinning blade with stainless steel reinforced tip and forged cutting teeth designed especially for dogs and cats!

29. Chibuy Professional Pet Grooming Scissors Set

The one thing all professional pet groomers need is a reliable pair of scissors. That’s why Chibuy Professional Pet Grooming Scissors Set is a perfect choice, with an essential color-6371 scissor and stainless steel blade material designed to last for years with regular use.

For the stylists out there that work hard every day, these durable blades will never let you down!

30. Freewindo Dog Grooming Scissors Kit

Open up a world of possibilities with the first step to Freewindo’s Scissors Kit! No matter how big or small, these metal shears are great for any doggy you encounter.

With stainless steel blades and a durable alloy finish, this kit is everything you need to groom to your heart’s content. And should anything happen on your journey, be sure to clean using only soap and water–it won’t rust!

31.Pets First Pet Grooming Scissors Set

You’ve done a great job taking care of your pets by feeding them and having fun with them. Now it’s time to take care of their health too, which includes looking after their coats!

The Pets First Pet Grooming Scissors Sets assists you with this task as they offer everything you need to be wrapped up in one neat petite package.

With 3 pairs of stainless steel blades prepared for any size coat, these scissors also have a curved blade specifically made for trimming dogs’ nails.

This is a complete set that will come in handy for all those pesky grooming tasks that require a little extra precision and finesse – without ever sacrificing the safety of friend or foe!

==> Pets First Pet Grooming Scissors Set

32. LOUFOGEI Grooming Scissors Set

This grooming scissors set is perfect for pets! These grooming scissors are made with stainless steel blades and come in a leather carrying case.

Keep your pet looking neat and groomed with these high-quality grooming shears that will keep them happy, clean, and free of mats.

33.Smithking 7.0 inches Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set (Alloy Steel)

The Smithking 7.0 inch Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set is the ultimate in grooming perfection, giving you a durable set of scissors that can handle any size job with precision and accuracy.

The materials are top-of-the-line, from the black alloys to the stainless steel blades that take care of your dog’s hair needs! You won’t find a better safety tool for this price anywhere else on the market, so get these great shears today!

34.Sesaisi Pet Dog Grooming Scissors Set

If you’ve ever cut your hand and had to take a break from grooming because it hurt too much, then these scissors are for you.

They tackle thick or tangled hair easily with tough blades that will not wear down as quickly as non-stainless steel products. So go ahead and do some tough work on those tough animals, without any worries about the pain!

35.AILIDA 7.0 inches Dog Grooming Scissors Set

These stainless steel blades smell like your favorite tall glass of milk and come with a free bath towel to make sure you can groom right out in the backyard, or at the dog park.

Ailida’s corrosion-resistant straight blade shear is made from durable stainless steel, which means your new set will last much longer than those cheaper models that corrode as soon as it starts raining outdoors!

Not only does this material take on water well, but it stays sharp and doesn’t wear down as drastically as other metals might.

36.Soslina 7″ Dog Grooming Scissors Set

Providing high-quality cutting for clear and silky hair, the Soslina dog grooming scissors feature a stainless steel blade with titanium that makes it strong, yet easy to use.

The set includes 7 different blades that allow for customizing your cut.

A quick shake of the handle will clean clays from the blades, making them ready to go again! Be prepared with these quality crafting scissors. Impress your groomer today by coming armed with these handy shears!

37.Vhabob Dog Grooming Scissors Set

Packaged in a high-quality leather pouch, the scissors will quickly become a staple in your grooming routine!

With stainless steel blades and rust-resistant coating, these professional salon shears are designed to tackle any condition, including mats or tangled knots.

38.CONAIRPRO dog & cat Grooming Shears

The straight blade makes it easy to groom your pet, no matter how big or small they are! Cat coats still need regular attention, so with these scissors, you’ll be able to trim their fur for extra comfort.

The design ensures a non-slip grip and comfortable use that will last for years with just a little maintenance.

39.Bestmemories Dog Grooming Scissors set

Get the best in pet grooming scissors with this set of 7-inch shears. Ideal for any doggie haircut, thinning, or thinning and is ridiculously easy on you too. Heavy-duty stainless steel blades give strength and style so they’ll be matching your own signature look in no time!

With a bold color palette of red, blue, green, purple, and pink these puppies are sure to capture anyone’s heart from stick fetching champion to show-winning beauty queen.

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40.Pets vv Dog Grooming Scissors Set

These sleek-and-stylish dog grooming scissors will be the perfect addition to any toolbox.

Each set comes with a pair of the rounded end, metal shears that are ideal for pet hair cutting and come in three different blade sizes.

As well as one polished stainless steel comb attachment for scissor care as well as special care instructions on the back.


We have all of your dog grooming needs covered with our wide range of scissor sets, including small pet scissors for dogs and cats, or large animal shears for horses and cattle.

After reading this article, you should have a good idea of what to look for in the perfect dog grooming scissor set. We hope that having more information on this topic will help you make an informed decision about which product is best suited for your needs.

If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to comment below and we can answer them as quickly as possible!

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